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Changing Dynamics of the Residence Hall Bathroom

2016-10-20 Posted By: Emily Bengoa

Looking for a sign of changing times on campus?
Look no further than the residence hall bathroom.

Spurred by student activism, institutional initiatives and legal challenges to provide safe and equitable facilities for transgender and non-gender-identified students, more than 200 U.S. colleges and universities now offer some form of gender-neutral, or all-gender, bathrooms and/or housing on campus.

The bathroom represents a natural evolution in designing and operating student life buildings that reflect institutional values of inclusion and community. Student residences and other buildings must address the very real need for privacy, safety and security that impact a student’s psychological and physical well-being—regardless of who those students are or where they come from. At its most basic level, that means ensuring a safe space to attend to the routines of daily life.

“It will be hard for campuses to not have a clear strategy, even if it takes them time to implement it,” says Anita Moran, FAIA, Principal at TreanorHL. Especially now that a Dear Colleague advisory letter issued by the Obama Administration begins to position the issue with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination by sex.

“Students have the right to use the bathroom they identify with. That is part of creating a safe, secure, comfortable space on campus where they can belong,” says James Reittinger, Associate Principal and Director of Design at TreanorHL. “Thoughtful building design plays a significant role in providing the privacy, safety, accessibility, and social interaction that helps students succeed and develop socially, personally and academically.”

How can campuses address the issue? By balancing design, programming, policy and campus culture:

Gender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway HallGender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway Hall
Gender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway HallGender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway Hall
Gender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway HallGender Neutral Bathroom - University of Missouri | Gateway Hall

Carey & Co Joins TreanorHL

2016-10-06 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Carey & Co., a prominent architectural and preservation firm headquartered in San Francisco, has joined TreanorHL, a national architectural firm with a highly successful preservation practice

“Looking toward the future, we decided it was time to join forces with a like-minded firm,” commented Nancy Goldenberg, Carey & Co principal. “We intentionally searched for a firm that cared as much about historic architecture as we do. TreanorHL quickly rose to the top as the most compatible firm with a studio solely focused on historic preservation.” 

Carey & Co.’s award winning historic preservation and architectural services align with the values and expertise of the TreanorHL Preservation studio. Both firms believe that older and historic buildings are an essential part of contemporary communities. 

“As one firm we will work to connect the past to the present by restoring and rehabilitating historic buildings for contemporary uses,” said K. Vance Kelley, TreanorHL Preservation principal. “Carey & Co. will continue to provide the high-quality services its clients have grown to expect. The only notable change to the company is the name. It is now referred to as Carey & Co., a TreanorHL Company.”

As it did before, Carey & Co will continue to specialize in historic preservation, providing architectural design, materials conservation, cultural resource assessment, historic resource surveying/planning, and historic district master planning services. 

“Bringing Carey & Co. into the TreanorHL family was an easy choice,” said Dan Rowe, TreanorHL president. “Our similar values—dedication to restoring historic properties and commitment to our staff—made for a natural fit between our two firms. With their deep roots in California, we are excited about the opportunities to grow in the area.”

We are TreanorHL

2016-08-08 Posted By: Patty Weaver

Effective August 8, 2016, we are excited to announce our company name: TreanorHL.

“We considered several options during the renaming process—options ranging from a brand new name to keeping one of our current names—in the end we wanted to respect the nature of who we are,” said Dan Rowe, TreanorHL president and chief executive officer. “Our new name respects the long histories of both Treanor Architects and H+L Architecture while reflecting the aspirations of the new firm.”

The merger was announced in January 2016. Since then, leadership has united the firm by incorporating best practices and shaping focused studios based on the areas of expertise.

“A merger is announced in a singular moment, but the act of merging is an ongoing effort,” said Scott Kuehn, TreanorHL chief operating officer. “We have diligently combined our firms, working to maintain the best practices in project management and design. Because of our shared values and client-centered practice the process has gone well and our studios are a natural evolution of our practice.”

TreanorHL will continue to focus on areas of expertise and thought leadership, allowing us to provide the best solutions for each of our client’s specific needs. We have specialized Studios in design for advanced industries, education, healthcare, housing/mixed-use, justice, preservation, science and technology, and student life.

“While our name has evolved, our commitment to our clients, our communities, and our employees remains the same,” said Kuehn. “This strategic growth allows us to focus on our passion, such as healthcare, education, and advanced industries, while offering new services to the Denver and Colorado Springs communities.”


From Conflict to Consensus

2016-08-03 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds

Does Space Matter?

2016-08-01 Posted By: Birgitta Reynolds

Two Treanor employees win at ACUHO-I in Seattle

2016-07-14 Posted By: Olivia Marshall

Treanor was well-represented at the ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition earlier this week. Nadia Zhiri and Sharmin Kader joined Texas A&M University to present findings of the post-occupancy evaluation of Hullabaloo Hall Living Learning Center, and a second time, with Hamad bin Khalifa University, where they discussed designing for cultural diversity.

During the conference, Nadia was presented with the 2016 Earl S. Thompson award, for those who have made a significant contribution to the campus housing profession.

Nadia was not the only one in the spotlight at ACUHO-I. Brady Jobe was also named THE winner - of a RockSmart contemporary rocking chair, for having the most likes on Instagram.


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Brady Jobe wins RockSmart contemporary rocking chairBrady Jobe wins RockSmart contemporary rocking chair
Nadia Zhiri receives 2016 ACUHO-I AwardNadia Zhiri receives 2016 ACUHO-I Award

Two Treanor-led educational sessions at ACUHO-I 2016

2016-06-27 Posted By: Olivia Marshall

Treanor is teaming up with Texas A&M University and Hamad bin Khalifa University for two educational sessions at the the 2016 ACUHO-I Annual Conference & Exposition.

A session called, "New Evidence Informs Future Living-Learning Center Design" will explore a program to assess planning and design for Texas A&M's, Hullabaloo hall, and will be presented by Nadia Zhiri and Sharmin Kader of the Treanor Student Life Studio and Chareny Ridyl, Director of Texas A&M Residence Life.

In an interactive session titled, "Accommodating Global Diversity in 21st Century Student Housing," Nadia Zhiri and Jamil Karam and Rakesh Gupta from Hamad bin Khalifa University will share lessons learned through the experience of building a Platinum LEED-certified housing complex.

Tim Reynolds to present session at SCUP Annual International Conference

2016-06-24 Posted By: Olivia Marshall

Tim Reynolds, PE, Treanor Science & Technology Studio Leader, will be presenting at this year's Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) International Conference, July 9-13, 2016 in Vancouver, BC Canada.

About the Session:

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 2:30 PM–3:30 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, 202-204

Challenging Planning and Design Traditions to Improve Academic Outcomes for Engineering Programs

Hospitals have until November to prepare for new CMS rule

2016-06-16 Posted By: Olivia Marshall

The Joint Commission says hospitals will have until November to prepare for new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements. CMS will begin surveying health care facilities on its new Conditions of Participation (CoPs) on November 7, 2016, after the CoP effective date of July 5. Beginning November 7, facilities will need to comply with the new CoPs, which adopt the 2012 editions of NFPA 101: Life Safety Code® and NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code.

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Anita Picozzi Moran shares her take on educational design among top Dallas architects

2016-06-15 Posted By: Olivia Marshall

The Dallas Center for Architecture is holding a panel discussion, inviting local architects to speak on the exhibit "A Place for Learning: Designing Educational Spaces."

This Thursday, Anita Picozzi Moran will join architects from Dallas' finest firms to discuss the best spaces for learning and how they are being designed for the future. They will examine projects designed specifically for peer learning, transparency as a safety measure, collaboration and the community captured by school design.

The panel discussion will be preceded by a reception at 6:00 p.m. with the discussoin beginning at 6:30 p.m. AIA members can earn 1.0 HSW/SD credit for attendance. Find out more, here.